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Providence Unveiled Released!

After many years of work, the Memory’s Wake trilogy is now complete! Providence Unveiled has been released, ending the tale of Memory, her friends, and the land of Avall.

Just when she is finding herself, Memory is about to lose everything. Home, friendship, family, goals, love… Memory will break all the rules to try and save what is important to her, but her actions are being manipulated by a dark force toward a dark end. Worlds will be broken, love will be stolen, and sacrifices will be made.

In this final novel of the Memory’s Wake trilogy, the truth will be unveiled.

Take a gander at the AWESOME animated trailer!

Thanks to Lydia Kurnia for that amazing song, custom written for the book!

On the 30th I had a fantastic release party over on Facebook with a heap of lovely people. If you missed it, you can still stop in and read over some of the conversations and watch some funny videos of me here- 

Reviews for the final novel are already coming in, and I’m SO HAPPY that people are enjoying it! Seriously, I was freaking out a little. Finishing a story is hard, and I wanted to have a great end to this. The ebook is still on sale until the end of February- 


Thanks to everyone who helped Providence Unveiled break three Amazon Best Seller lists during its launch week!


Have you finished the trilogy yet? What did you think?

Providence Unveiled Cover Art Reveal

The cover art for the final book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy- Unveiled! 

Watch the animation below to see the artwork come together layer by layer before scrolling down for more…


About this Cover Art

Like the previous two covers from Memory’s Wake, this cover was digitally painted by myself. Each cover primarily features the main character, Memory, in her ever changing styles and personality. In this final cover, I like to think Memory is really coming into her own, becoming a true blend of the different worlds that have influenced her life. The covers also always feature a secondary character, normally an antagonist, in the background (Uh oh… now you’re wondering if Will is a good guy or a bad guy!?! Dum dum DUUUUM). This cover breaks the trend a little again by having a third character, sort of, in the far distance. In the first two covers, Memory carries a small knife, one that readers of the series will know is important to her. Here in this final cover, she’s upgraded a little. This is a big hint of what is to come in this story.

Providence Unveiled is the exciting conclusion to the series with some world(s) changing events. It’s been slow to write because it has a much bigger scope than the previous two books, and brings together all the hints, clues and developments of the story so far into one final showdown of epic proportions.

Click this image below to see a super-sized image!


Can’t wait to see the real paperback? Here’s a 3D Preview!


What do you think of the final cover art? Does it get you pumped up to read this final installment in my fantasy trilogy?

Are you ready for the final book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy?

Some of you have been waiting a long time (sorry!). I’ve been beyond busy for a while now, but working on this book when I can. It’s coming together slowly by surely and I hope to have a clearer release date to share very soon! Until then, enjoy these views of the cover art!

Not ready for the final book yet? Now’s the time to catch up! The first two books are ready to take you on an adventure into the fairy-filled lands of Avall with Memory and her friends.


The opening scene for Providence Unveiled

So I’ve started writing the next Memory’s Wake novel, Providence Unveiled, the final in the trilogy.
I thought I’d post some of the first scene, since Hope’s Reign ends on a bitty bit of a cliff hanger, I thought those who’ve read it might like to see what happens next, and I mean, IMMEDIATELY next.

Now, this is my very first rough draft, so there may be errors, and it’s likely to change by the final version. Opening scenes are probably the ones I rewrite the most in revisions. But here’s the basic scene for everyone so that I don’t leave you hanging.

Oh, and of course SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS! You should have read Memory’s Wake, AND Hope’s Reign before peaking any further.

Providence Unveiled- Memory’s Wake Book three – Chapter One teaser

Memory laughed a strong, high-pitched laugh that made her sides ache. Dust hung in the air and the last small pieces of falling tiles and roof shingles clattered onto the surrounding debris. Her friends sat around her where they’d tumbled out of the collapsing tower. Eloryn, Roen, Clara, and Will, who sat close beside Memory. They were all powdered with dirt, but safe and mostly unhurt. Memory was sure one of her fingers was broken. She was grateful for it. Grateful that was all they’d suffered, that she was still alive. Will held her other hand. She couldn’t stop laughing.

Eloryn shook her head, one eyebrow raised at her sister. “It is not a joke. You are now the queen of Avall.”

Memory paused long enough to take a breath. “That’s even funnier,” she wheezed, and started laughing again. “I thought I was the crazy, irresponsible one, and then you go and make me queen!”

Memory wiped tears from her bottom eyelids and tried to breathe between her giggling. It didn’t help. Trying to stop only made it worse and her whole body shook with uncontained laughter.

Her friends were all sharing the same she’s really lost it look.

Then Eloryn chuckled.

Small at first, her laughter built until it matched Memory’s. She moved forward and wrapped her sister in a tight hug. Memory put one arm around her, the other hand still entwined with Will’s.

They laughed together, and Memory whispered, “What the hell happened? I’m really queen? What am I going to do?”

Eloryn whispered back, “You’ll manage. You’ll be great. I know you can do this.”

“I’ll try.”

“I’ll be there for you. Anything you need, anything I can do. You’re my sister, and I love you.”

Memory pressed her face into her twin’s shoulder. “Can you fix my busted finger?”

“Of course.” Eloryn tightened her hug. “I like your new hair color.”

“Want me to do yours? You’d rock a fading pink.”

Eloryn kissed Memory on the cheek. “Don’t ever leave me.”

They separated and stood up, smiling at each other. Will, Roen and Clara also stood by Memory, holding her hand, her shoulders, supporting her.

My family.

Memory still felt shaky and overwhelmed. She drew deep breaths, letting herself accept the support of her friends, accept that they were there for her.

She would manage. She would be great. For them.

Shocked servants and guards appeared at the end of the hall, gawking at the destruction. The entire tower was now a pile of rubble, and the wall it had been attached to was all but gone, opening the corridor to the cold winds of night outside.

Memory felt guilty for having a part in knocking down one of the palace’s towers. Not a great move for her first day as Queen.

Acknowledging the arriving servants, Clara said, “Wait here. I’ll go and organise help.”

“Thank you. Make sure no one was injured outside,” Memory said.

Clara nodded and took a step away, then with a puppy dog expression, turned back and gave Memory a firm hug. Then she hurried down the hall to speak with the other staff.

Roen moved in next and held Memory.

Memory giggled at the tag team. “I’m okay, really. I will be okay.”

Roen let go and looked insulted. “Do I need a near death experience to embrace you now? You’re already letting being queen go to your head.”

Memory laughed again, then stopped abruptly. A worrying realization hitting her. “Hang on. I’m the queen. That means… Hope got what she-”

Bright light filled the room, interrupting Memory…


Oops. Oh no, I’ve left you on a cliffhanger again! Sorry about that :p

The good news is, I’m writing as fast as I can. I really don’t want to make everyone wait too long for this final installment! But of course I also want to make it good. A trilogy has to finish in a big way.

What do you think is going to happen? What unresolved issues are you waiting to see resolved?

Hope’s Reign is Here!



Hope’s Reign is finally here! The book is now available, starting with Amazon for paperbackand Kindle. I will be updating here with more links as it is distributed to more stores like itunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, the Book Depository and so on. UPDATE: Now available on iTunesand Kobo! B&N is being slow for some reason, sorry Nook readers :(

I’ve got some paperbacks on the way, for those who want to order direct from me and get their book signed! They will be available around the 24th May at my store. But why wait? Grab the ebook from kindle and read up now, then get the paperback later to enjoy the pretty pictures, like this one…


So book one and two of the Memory’s Wake trilogy are out! Here’s a photo of the real things…


Seeing them together like this… sigh… I just can’t wait until I have the third in the trilogy to go with them! I’m going to be working on the third book right away to hopefully have it out before the end of the year!

Join me for the release party!

But right now it’s time to celebrate releasing another novel! You can join me at my online release party THIS WEEKEND! An author friend of mine, Serene Conneeley is releasing a novel at the same time, so we’re teaming up and having a bash together. There will be lots of fun games, chatting and prizes! (Check your time zones on the party page, it’s something like Friday night for US folk and Staurday morning for Aussies). I’d love to see you there!

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