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Memory’s Wake- Chapter 1

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Memory’s Wake – Chapter One

I’m falling, she thought.

Rushing air tore at her like claws and her stomach churned. She knew only darkness and the horrible, hateful wind.

She jolted into consciousness as if waking from a nightmare, one so real, so intense, it left her soul shaken. All she remembered from her dream was the noise; a furious, bellowing rumble, like the call of a hungry dragon from a dark and twisted fairytale. It turned her insides as much as the sensation of falling. Now awake, she couldn’t understand why she still heard it, why she still felt like she plummeted into hell. Some other sound teased her, unidentifiable, lost in the wind.

“What’s happening? Is someone calling me? Where am I?” Pain rampaged through her and the questions fell away. Her scream twisted into a whimper.

A voice reached her. Persistent, hysterical, all static and unclear sounds.

She called out, tearing her throat raw with effort, trying to reach through the gusting void to whatever had spoken. “Can’t hear. Please help, it hurts!”

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