Competition- Massive Book Launch Prize Draw *Closed*

I wanted to have a massive competition for the launch of my book, so I’ve put together some awesome prize packs of Memory’s Wake merchandise, with five major prize packs up for grabs, plus 5 runner up prizes, and one special Bonus Prize! Prizes will be won by random ticket draw, with lots of different ways that you can get yourself tickets in the draw! The competition runs for two weeks, so you’ve got plenty of time to get involved.

How to get your prize draw “tickets”-

You can do any, or all of these. The more you do, the more “tickets” you have in the draw (not actual tickets, just your number of chances to win)

  1. Post a link to on your facebook, twitter, or other “short status update” page, then leave a comment here with the link to your post- 1 ticket per post
  2. Buy a paperback pack direct from myself (either here or through 2 tickets
  3. Write a post on your blog about Memory’s Wake then leave a comment here with the link to your post- 5 tickets
  4. Getting an ebook? Fast reader? Post an honest review of Memory’s Wake on Amazon (paperback or kindle), Goodreads, Smashwords or Barnes and Noble, then leave a comment here with the link to your review- 10 tickets per review + 2 for each place it’s posted

And the good part- the PRIZES!

First Prize

  1. Original sketch from the Memory’s Wake illustrations
  2. Signed Hardcover of Memory’s Wake
  3. Memory’s Wake “Broken Heart” T-Shirt in your size
  4. A Memory’s Wake shoulderbag
  5. A Memory’s Wake silk pouch for keeping your hardcover in
  6. Memory’s Wake Mousepad
  7. 2 Memory’s Wake bookmarks
  8. 1 Memory’s Wake bookplate
  9. A poster of “My Sweet Pet” illustration
  10. A poster of the cover art
  11. A poster of “Happily Ever After?” illustration

Second Prize

  1. Original sketch from the Memory’s Wake illustrations
  2. Signed Hardcover of Memory’s Wake
  3. A Memory’s Wake silk pouch for keeping your hardcover in
  4. 2 Memory’s Wake bookmarks
  5. 1 Memory’s Wake bookplate
  6. A poster of “My Sweet Pet” illustration
  7. A poster of the cover art

Third Prize

  1. Original sketch from the Memory’s Wake illustrations
  2. Signed Paperback of Memory’s Wake
  3. 2 Memory’s Wake bookmarks
  4. 1 Memory’s Wake bookplate
  5. A poster of the cover art

Fourth Prize

  1. Signed Paperback of Memory’s Wake
  2. A Memory’s Wake shoulderbag
  3. 2 Memory’s Wake bookmarks
  4. 1 Memory’s Wake bookplate
  5. A poster of “My Sweet Pet” illustration

Fifth Prize

  1. Signed Paperback of Memory’s Wake
  2. Memory’s Wake Mousepad
  3. 2 Memory’s Wake bookmarks
  4. 1 Memory’s Wake bookplate
  5. A poster of “My Sweet Pet” illustration

Runners Up x5

A voucher for free download of the Memory’s Wake ebook from Smashwords


Amazon Kindle 3 WiFi eReader + black silicone cover + free Kindle ebook copy of Memory’s Wake

This is a special celebratory prize that will be given away only if I reach my sales target during this official launch week. There are lots of average figures out there as to how many copies of a book a self published author will sell. I’m hoping to beat that this week! If I reach my goal, someone in this competition will win this special Bonus Prize! During the week I will post updates of how close I am to reaching my goal.

Target is complete! The Kindle bonus prize will be drawn with the rest of the prizes!

Draw Date and Terms

This competition will be drawn on Saturday the 30th July, 2011 (Sydney time). Winners will be selected randomly by ticket draw. Winner selection is final and at Selina’s discretion. Entrants may enter multiple times for more chance to win, but may only win one prize (i.e may not receive multiple prizes). The Bonus Prize will only be drawn upon condition of sales numbers during the week of 16th July to 29th July 2011, including all sales channels and book formats. Winners will be contacted for their mail address after competition is closed. First prize winner will also need to provide their chosen size for the t-shirt which will ship separately.

Good luck, and thank you for helping to spread the word about my book!

Competition Winners!

Wow, it was actually really exciting drawing the winners for this competition! I was going to draw them on camera, but with so many tickets in the draw, the technological solution of was the only real option or I’d be swimming in ticket confetti. Many of the winners were those with more than 10 (some more than 20!) tickets in the draw, which is a great reward for those who put in the extra effort with reviews. I will be contacting the winners privately to congratulate them, but here are the winning names!

First Prize - Valerie Long

Second Prize - Christopher McGreal

Third Prize - Kristina Ebert

Fourth Prize - Kristen Thompson

Fifth prize – Ruth Dorsey

Bonus Kindle Prize - Lauren Phillips

Runners Up-
Beck Newton, Rachel Wyatt, Brandie Bugiak, Pamela Mathews, Kim Howe


  1. Lori Johns
    16 July 11, 11:35am
  2. 16 July 11, 11:52am

    Hi Selina. I did what you sugest and I made a review of your book on Amazon. Here is the link

    Thank you very much for give us your art in many ways.

  3. 16 July 11, 11:56am

    Hi Selina!

    First of all, a big CONGRATULATIONS on launching your amazing and much anticipated graphic novel! I will be buying two of your signed paperbacks online today! I’m so excited! I’m an aspiring writer and part-time artist myself, so I am sharing your joy as if it were my own, because I understand just how HUGE this is for you!

    Also, just wanted to mention I have given information and a link to your website on my Facebook page. I’m a liker of your artist page, so you should be able to see it:

    Also posted a tweet on my twitter with your website:

    And from one writer to another, I posted you a big lovely blog entry on my official writer website: which will also be mirrored very shortly on my LJ:

    All the best and thank you for running such a fabulous competition!

  4. 16 July 11, 12:19pm

    Oh, I almost forgot! I also posted my blog link about Memory’s Wake to my fan page on Facebook, which is:

    Unless there is a limit, I will be re-posting all these links I have mentioned to you daily, for the whole two weeks, not only because I’d love to win some pretty prizes, but because I have been following your journey and have loved your artwork for years. I want to help you achieve sales, recognition and success as much as I can! :)

    So in advance, I apologise for the fact I will be commenting here daily to let you know of the daily links! It might get annoying, but it will hopefully help you!

    • Selina
      16 July 11, 12:33pm

      I hadn’t really taken reposting into account, but I guess it’s ok. Just don’t spam your followers too much ;)

  5. 16 July 11, 1:33pm

    If you aren’t comfortable with it Selina, then please, do say so. If you would prefer we only post your link once each on each available medium for the count, then that’s not a problem. I only wanted to increase my chances, as well as promote you! (Of course I would not ‘spam’, that would be counter-productive!)

    PS: I couldn’t help myself, I just purchased 4 copies of your graphic novel! :)

  6. 16 July 11, 1:48pm

    Well, I didn’t write much, but I already put up a review/rating on Smashwords:

    And I already posted on FB:

  7. 16 July 11, 1:49pm

    Hi Selina,

    It is so cool that it is finally go time!

    I posted a link on FB, and I couldn’t help but natter on ( in a second post) about how you started the one picture during Sketchfest. :D

  8. 16 July 11, 3:35pm

    Hi Selina!! Congrats on the release!! I absolutely loved Memory’s Wake and was happy to be an early reviewer! I’ve already posted the review on my web site but here are two links for goodreads and I tweeted about your Competition. Thanks again and Happy Release :)


  9. Louisa
    16 July 11, 4:44pm

    Hi Selina, Congratulations on Memory’s wake finally being released.
    Posted the link for this page on Facebook. Definitely ordering the book on Tuesday(payday) and will write a review once I have read it which won’t take me long

  10. Ruth Dorsey
    17 July 11, 3:43am

    Ordered my copy from you today! :)
    Posted a link on my facebook page –

  11. 17 July 11, 7:39am

    Hi Selina, just popping in to congratulate you on releasing your new book….
    How wonderfully exciting!
    I have also shared the link, to the magic of this website on my facebook profile page.
    Faerie smiles ~ Nicole Wood!/faerieenchantressnicolewood

  12. 17 July 11, 11:37am

    I read and loved your books. I really want to get a signed copy ordered from you as well. I want to have your book on my shelves.

    I have posted my review on:
    My Blog


    Library Thing

    Smash Words

    Tweeted about my review!/Kr15tina/status/92406210585821186

    Tweeted about giveaway!/Kr15tina/status/92406628263014402

    • Pixie
      17 July 11, 11:41pm

      I also just realized I go by Pixie on here and my order is under Haas.

  13. Louisa
    19 July 11, 11:06am

    Yeah, I finally ordered the book – order number 4141911. Will watch the mail box with anticipation

  14. 19 July 11, 11:23am

    Iv bought the book and posted on facebook cant wait to get my copy and read it.. Awesome work.

  15. 19 July 11, 11:25am
  16. Kylie
    19 July 11, 5:45pm

    I can’t wait to read this book! Congratulations on your first published novel Selia. Love your work! Posted the link to my facebook!/profile.php?id=1198565176

  17. 20 July 11, 6:30pm

    This is SO AWESOME.
    I am in love with your prizes. The prints look fantastic!!!

  18. 20 July 11, 9:43pm

    Hi Selina,
    I have FB and tweeted about your book.!/TimRachel

  19. 20 July 11, 9:46pm

    And of cause I have purchased your book. If you need an order number I can post it for you……

  20. 20 July 11, 9:47pm
  21. Caly
    20 July 11, 11:15pm
  22. 21 July 11, 1:26am

    I shared this on my personal facebook page and tagged your art page in it as well! Good luck with your book launch! It looks fantastic!

  23. Michelle Lewis
    21 July 11, 1:44am
    I can’t post the link directly to Google Plus, but I put it on there, too.

    Good luck with sales!!!

  24. Kim
    21 July 11, 6:35am

    Hi Selina,

    COngratulations on the launch, loved what I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to see/read the rest.

    Please can I enter the competition?
    I’ve tweeted (@demeter83), facebooked (I’m connected to your fairies & fantast page – Kim Nield) and I’ve blogged (
    Now I@m crossing everything that I can possibly cross in a hopeful manner (and believe me, the crossed eyes and ears aren’t an attractive look!)

  25. Stephanie Coxon
    21 July 11, 3:55pm

    I bought a paperback from you (as well as the Kindle version, because I am too impatient for the postal service) :)

  26. ValerieL
    21 July 11, 4:15pm

    Hi Selina,

    Congrats again on the release of Memory’s Wake! Very excited about it! I’ve ordered the paperback through your site and the e-book as well so I didn’t have to wait for the paperback to get here to start!

    I posted something on my blog about it, though not a full review yet. It’s the final 2 weeks of my summer semester so I’m having to really force myself to put the e-book aside and do my papers/projects! But, here’s the link to my blog post.

    My blog posts get posted on Facebook automatically as well and can be found at

    Once I get my final papers done (hopefully tomorrow or Friday), then I can get back to reading more than just a tiny bit during my lunch hour. I’ll post reviews after that and put another reply here for them.

  27. ValerieL
    24 July 11, 12:56pm

    Okay, so I was finally able to allow myself to finish the book today and I’ve posted reviews in the following places:

    My GoodReads review also posts automatically to my Facebook and my blog.
    I also copied & pasted that review onto Barnes & Noble (

  28. ValerieL
    24 July 11, 12:57pm

    Sorry for the lack of links in the above post but the form kept telling me I was being too spammy with all of ‘em in there. :P

  29. Louisa
    26 July 11, 2:16pm

    Got my copy today in the post and couldn’t put it down once I started.

    Have posted reviews on Amazon, Goodreeds and Barnes and Noble. My review on Amazon and Goodreads post to my facebook page.

  30. Pixie
    28 July 11, 3:58am

    I am still waiting on my physical copy from your store, but I was flying home and decided I needed to download the ebook version right away so I could read it on my trip. I wrote up my review, which is really hard to do without spoilers! I have posted to goodreads, barnes and noble, and amazon.

    Hope that works.

  31. Valerie
    29 July 11, 7:38am

    Okay, one last entry – I re-tweeted about Memory’s Wake ( and it will automatically also post to my Facebook ( for a last minute additional entry. Now to cross fingers and hope for a win. :)

  32. Lauren
    30 July 11, 10:25am


    I posted a link on my facebook profile here:!/profile.php?id=741702593 – I have Selina Fenech Fairies & Fantasy ‘liked’ so will that allow you to see that?

    Also tweeted it here:!/taralphiel

    And finally, a short review in Smashwords:

    Thank you!

    Lauren :)

  33. Valerie
    30 July 11, 2:49pm

    Wow, I’m so excited! I never win anything! :) Thank you, Selina! It’s been a joy promoting the book because the book really is awesome (and I’m not just saying that to be nice. :) ). I hope it continues to be a success for you.

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