Memory’s Wake- Chapter 1

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Memory’s Wake – Chapter One

I’m falling, she thought.

Rushing air tore at her like claws and her stomach churned. She knew only darkness and the horrible, hateful wind.

She jolted into consciousness as if waking from a nightmare, one so real, so intense, it left her soul shaken. All she remembered from her dream was the noise; a furious, bellowing rumble, like the call of a hungry dragon from a dark and twisted fairytale. It turned her insides as much as the sensation of falling. Now awake, she couldn’t understand why she still heard it, why she still felt like she plummeted into hell. Some other sound teased her, unidentifiable, lost in the wind.

“What’s happening? Is someone calling me? Where am I?” Pain rampaged through her and the questions fell away. Her scream twisted into a whimper.

A voice reached her. Persistent, hysterical, all static and unclear sounds.

She called out, tearing her throat raw with effort, trying to reach through the gusting void to whatever had spoken. “Can’t hear. Please help, it hurts!”

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  1. 11 May 11, 3:49am

    I’m absolutely hooked! And this was just the free chapter to read, entice, to draw you into Memory’s world. What can I say? I’m sooo going to get a copy of Selina’s book – it’s fresh and delightful! Move over “Harry Potter” – Memory is here!

    • Selina
      11 May 11, 6:08pm

      Thank you so much! I can’t wait for it to be available for you.

  2. 14 May 11, 1:28pm

    A great beginning. It completely sucks you in! I can’t wait to read the rest!

  3. 14 May 11, 2:19pm

    The story so far is great I can’t wait to read the whole thing! ooh could you imagine if it was made into a movie!?

    • Selina
      30 May 11, 5:16pm

      I’ll just be happy if it’s even slightly successful as a book :)

  4. 14 May 11, 2:30pm

    It’s easy to get lost in Memory’s adventure! I love the pace of the action, it draws you in and keeps you hooked; a fantastic way to start a novel. I’m excited for the book to come out!! I want to find out what happens… and how/why Memory came to this world.

  5. Pixie
    14 May 11, 9:36pm

    I agree, a great beginning. I became disappointed when I realized the preview was at an end. I want to keep reading! Can’t wait to own this for myself. I’m sure I will completely neglect my housekeeping in favor of finding out what happens as soon as I get my hands on a copy.

    • Selina
      14 May 11, 9:47pm

      Leading up to the launch of the book, I’ll be releasing at least one more chapter for people to read, maybe more… but, of course, not too much :)

  6. Pixie
    14 May 11, 10:09pm

    Besides the cover art, a preview like this is absolutely the best way to get me to buy a book. Since I got a kindle e-book reader as a gift, one of my favorite things has been downloading the previews to help me decide which books to buy. Thanks for sharing a taste with us! Can’t wait to see that next taste. ;)

  7. Carla
    15 May 11, 5:06pm

    This is great! Can’t wait to learn what happens next! =)

  8. midnight_rose
    01 June 11, 8:58am

    ok..i so shouldn’t have read that chapter. now i wants it really bad :P

    it looks amazing. Can’t wait. :)

  9. Diana
    18 June 11, 3:30pm

    Wow totally must get and finish the whole story ! You drew people right in from the beginning!! AWESOME!!

  10. Jaipal
    22 June 11, 2:50pm

    Hi Selina,

    Came across your book through a very roundabout way from a friend’s friend’s twitter post to you. Anyway, my 2 cents worth.

    1. I like the way you start off with the protagonist in the thick of things.
    2. The idea of the protagonist losing her memory will help the reader discover the character and the place she is in.
    3. The setting sounds interesting.

    1. Your characters are not fleshed out nor memorable. they can easily be replaced by any character from any genre easily. You need to make reader connect with the character. Of course you might have done that as this is an excerpt.
    2. The idea of the protagonist thinking she is in a dream state is not explored. She seems to accept that she fell down the rabbit hole and is in danger of her life. If you read Thomas Covenant, he did not believe in the Land, and you could see the way it plays out in his head. In this case, your character gets pulled along, rather than think through on whether its a dream and she should wake up or go along to see the end of it.
    3. I assume the reader is young teens or early twenties.

    Not sure how well my comments are. Like the other comments here, its a good read, but right now it more light reading.

    • Selina
      23 June 11, 9:48am

      Hi Jaipal, thanks for your feedback. I hope you find that the characters become more fleshed out as the story progresses (chapter 2 is also available here to read free now as well).

  11. 05 July 11, 8:01am

    Such a brief chapter and yet clearly good at hooking the reader (me) in! How long did it take you from start to finish of your book (the writing process)? I have been working on my own novel for what feels like and has been ages. Sometimes I feel as though I will never finish it.

    • Selina
      05 July 11, 9:18am

      I’ve played with the story in different ways for almost ten years! But from the point when I seriously decided to get writing, it’s taken about a year to get it finished. Maybe 6 or so months writing the first draft, and then another 6 months of revisions on my own and with the help of others.

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