Free Chapters

Free chapters and excerpts of “Memory’s Wake”

Memory’s Wake- Chapter 1

Read the first chapter of Memory’s Wake for free- Memory’s Wake – Chapter One I’m falling, she thought. Rushing air tore at her like claws and her stomach churned. She knew only darkness and the horrible, hateful wind. She jolted into consciousness as if waking from a nightmare, one...


Memory’s Wake- Chapter 2

There’s a lot of chaos in Chapter One. Want to start finding out what’s going on? Chapter Two will give you some answers… Memory’s Wake – Chapter Two Earlier. Why has it become so hard just to keep my mind on a simple book? Focus, Eloryn ordered herself. Her...


Memory’s Wake- Chapter 3

Chapter Three of Memory’s Wake, from the point of view of the forest man. Chapter Three is the last free sample chapter to be released to the public, with Chapter Four also available to newsletter subscribers only. Chapter Three She had looked at him as if he were some...


Memory’s Wake- Chapter 4

The final free sample chapter of Memory’s Wake. In Chapter Four we meet Roen and see the world from his point of view. The characters start to come together here and there are some big revelations! Most of the story is told through Memory’s eyes, but sometimes we go...


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