For other Writers- Critique and Tweak Cover Art Service

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for ebook cover art design…

In my life as a visual artist, I haven’t been taking custom art commissions for over 5 years. Time is a major factor in that policy, as were a few “commissions gone wrong” that put me off. But now I’ve entered the indie author realm myself, I’ve been considering what I could do to help other indie authors out with their cover designs.

What I’m proposing- “Critique and Tweak Service”

This would be a service for those who’ve had a go at creating their cover already. Authors who have a strong idea of what they want, and have already found (and purchased) the stock images they would like to use. Maybe even done a layout with text, but it’s still not at the quality they want.

  • I would offer my eye to critique your current cover design, giving my opinion on what I think works and what doesn’t.
  • If original files can be provided, (e.g. original stock photos before text has been added), I will polish the design, and do any layout changes, text changes, or tweaking to improve cover look based on my opinion.
  • Some minor digital painting may be done to customise stock images and improve their look for your cover.
  • The service would consist of one critical discussion, followed by some work on the cover, followed by another critical discussion, and one final round of work on the cover (if needed), at which point hopefully both you and I are happy. Beyond that amount of work, further payment/service terms would have to be negotiated.
  • Option to use an existing Selina Fenech artwork in cover design, for which no other stock images would need to be provided.

The service would be for ebook cover design only. I can work and deliver the file at print resolution so the front cover could be used for paperback printing, but I would be working on the front cover only, not a full spine and back wrap design.

Here’s where I DON’T sell you my service-

While I have a degree in graphic design, it’s almost ten years old now and I don’t spend a lot of time keeping up with current trends and tools. I have not been studying and designing novel cover art specifically for long at all (I’ve created two cover designs for myself so far). I can only provide as much quality as my personal aesthetics and knowledge of design fundamentals allow. I have been designing all my own products (including calendars, websites etc) for many years, so if you like the way my work here on the Memory’s Wake site, on my site and site look, then there is your basis for my design skill.

Why can’t you paint me a new custom illustration for my cover?

Currently, I am director of my own company, managing two other employees, licensing half a dozen artists for manufacturing and selling art merchandise globally. I am also an artist myself, and painting my own visions and ideas takes priority for expanding my illustration portfolio which brings in the income that I live off. I’ve also now taken on trying to be an author as well, and I’ll soon be a mother. The simple fact is, to charge an hourly rate for my illustration services that would make it worth it for me to put aside all of my other business would simply put the pricing way out of reach for an individual. I am, however, open to discussing the use of my existing artworks for cover designs, as long as that does not conflict with any existing contracts or covers I’ve done.


Want it done for free? I want to be able to work with other authors for “trade” rather than fees. A few examples that I would trade this service for-

  • An excerpt (first chapter) and link for my own book Memory’s Wake included at the end of your ebook (if the genre is suitable).
  • Beta reading and private critique of one of my works in progress.
  • An author spotlight, interview, or guest blog from me on your website.
  • Other suggestions are negotiable.

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