How did the story come to you? How did you develop it?

I’ve always been a very visual thinker. Ideas I have, either for artworks or for stories are often a visual image of a scene, like watching a really short clip from a movie. It’s then up to me to decide what the story is that surrounds that inspiring clip.

The original story for Memory’s Wake was actually very different. The story actually began with Eloryn (who used to have the name Caellin). Her character and the setting where magic was in the form of “behests” and now outlawed both came to me together, and the rest of the story developed after that. The original scene I imagined that started the whole story was very similar to the events in what is now Chapter 2 of Memory’s Wake, with Eloryn being found out and running from the dragon. I always knew I also wanted to include someone from our world, and Memory quickly took over the story! Roen is another character who came from imagining a short scene, the moment he meets the girls as now shown in Chapter 4.

After that, it was a heck of a lot of hard work to develop the rest of the world and details of the plot! Occasionally I get flashes of inspiration, but mostly it’s work asking myself questions (where would the characters go for help? What are the bad guys up to now?) and trying to think of logical solutions.

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