How did you choose the names? Any of the names inspired from anyone you personally know?

I love names, and obviously, “punning” names or names with double meanings in our language- like Memory. None of the names are from people I know, rather I tried to make up names that suited the characters.

For example, Eloryn is a very soft, sweet and well learned character. All of the sounds of her name are also soft and feminine, and I included the sound “lore” in there as my own little connection to her knowledge (yes, I do this stuff mostly just to amuse myself!).

Roen is pretty much just derived from Rowan, but I wanted a shorter, sharper version. It also elludes, very vaguely, to Rōnin, the Japanese word for a samurai without a master, or someone “between employers”, with connotations of being a criminal.

Many of the other characters in the world of Avall have names from, or derived from, Arthurian legend and Celtic history.

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