What are the plans for the trilogy and can Memory’s Wake be read on it’s own?

Originally I only ever planned to write a single book, Memory’s Wake. When I got to re-writing it into a proper novel from it’s not-so-great origins, I realised there was more story to tell.

So Memory’s Wake still stands alone as a complete story. You can read it without being left on a cliff hanger, but on the other hand, it’s only a small part (one week in fact) of our characters lives. Once you read the story and see how it ends, you’ll see that the characters and land of Avall end up in an all new situation, which has it’s own story to be told about the struggles they will face there.

The second two books also continue to explore the history of Avall, the Pact, and the relationships between humans, Seelie, and Unseelie fae. More details and twists will be revealed about how Memory ended up there, her relationship to Thayl and the other mystery character mentioned by Thayl. The forest boy, who is already stealing people’s hearts, will have a much more major role in the following two books as well.

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