Memory’s Wake- Chapter 3

Chapter Three of Memory’s Wake, from the point of view of the forest man. Chapter Three is the last free sample chapter to be released to the public, with Chapter Four also available to newsletter subscribers only.

Chapter Three

She had looked at him as if he were some kind of animal. Worse. A monster. The terror in her eyes crushed his heart, as though the rockslide that closed the cave entrance had also fallen on it.

He had waited for her for so long. He ran the moment he heard the noise, that same gusting howl he remembered from his first night in this world, coming from the very same spot. The night he would never forget. Just how long had it been? The years felt longer for being unable to count them, but shorter for his time spent with the fae. So long, lost in that forest, doubting he’d ever see her again, that his memories of her were even real. But here she was, looking just the same. Same age, same hair, same clothes, even the same bruises as the day he had lost her. He no longer doubted.

The dust from the rockslide cleared and the hunting men who had chased the girls still surrounded him. Them and the dragon. It circled above, waiting for something. To give the men their next order? He shifted his eyes upwards uneasily. He’d never seen a dragon before. They were legendary, even to the fae he knew, and scarce.

The men coughed and swore, wiping dirt from their eyes. They looked at him, wondering how he fitted into their chase, turning to their leader for guidance. He’d been mistaken as an animal by hunters before. He didn’t like hunters. A growl rumbled from his throat.

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  1. 05 July 11, 7:58am

    Love it! I must admit that here I am reading the 3rd chapter before readng chapters one and 2. Of course, now I am merely more intrigued, so although really wanting to read further into the story, at least I can content myself with going through this site and reading the first two chapters. :)

  2. Celine
    13 November 11, 11:22pm

    I love your writing style, I’m completely hooked on the story! I wish you the best of success :)

  3. 19 November 11, 8:17am

    I love it! I ordered this on Amazon and I can’t wait to read the rest. ;D

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