Memory’s Wake Readalong (and update!)

I know what you’re thinking. “Oi! Where are the sequels to Memory’s Wake already?” (Except you probably don’t say “Oi”). I really wanted to have the next book out by now, but I had a fantastic opportunity to work with author Lucy Cavendish and Blue Angel Publishing on a mermaid theme oracle deck to be published in Australia and the US. So I took it, but it meant a very rigorous painting schedule for most of this year which hasn’t left time for much other than painting mermaids, mermaids and more mermaids!

The Mermaid Oracle project which has put my writing on hold is now coming to an end. With just four more mermaids to paint for the deck, I’m hoping to have them finished in two weeks and then I’m knuckling down big time to get the next Memory’s Wake books written.

Before then, I need to refresh myself on the first book so I can remember all the little details and get my head back into the characters and setting again.

Why not read-along with me?

If you haven’t read Memory’s Wake yet, or want to read it again, you can read it with me! I’m going to do a blog post after I finish each chapter with my thoughts about what happened in that chapter with some insights from my view as a writer about key moments in the story and favourite bits.

Read-a-long Schedule (or lack thereof)-

I’d love to give a clear schedule of when I’ll be reading and posting, but truthfully, with my eleven-month-old hyper-baby my life is too chaotic. I’m going to attempt to read a chapter a day during her morning nap and post just afterwards, but morning naps don’t always happen, so we’ll see how we go! As I post, I’ll put links to each chapter post here.

There’s no right or wrong way to read along-

You don’t have to read at the same pace as me. Read faster, read slower, read it in two months time then come back and catch up on the conversations here. It’s up to you!

How to join in-

After each chapter I’ll post a new blog here with a mini review of what happened in the chapter, my thoughts about it, and some questions to get the conversation started. There will be no right or wrong answers, it’s just for some fun wild speculation and discussion about the book and characters. I ask that everyone please keep your comments spoiler free if possible, for those reading for the first time.

But there will be spoilers-

Of course, as we get through the book towards the end, we will of course be talking about things that are spoilers! If you haven’t read the book, if you go reading through the later read-a-long posts, you’re just going to spoiler yourself. Hey, if you want to find out what happens without reading the book, knock yourself out, but you’ve been warned.

Readalong Links-
You can start the readalong or find links to all of the chapters here-

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