Providence Unveiled Cover Art Reveal

The cover art for the final book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy- Unveiled! 

Watch the animation below to see the artwork come together layer by layer before scrolling down for more…


About this Cover Art

Like the previous two covers from Memory’s Wake, this cover was digitally painted by myself. Each cover primarily features the main character, Memory, in her ever changing styles and personality. In this final cover, I like to think Memory is really coming into her own, becoming a true blend of the different worlds that have influenced her life. The covers also always feature a secondary character, normally an antagonist, in the background (Uh oh… now you’re wondering if Will is a good guy or a bad guy!?! Dum dum DUUUUM). This cover breaks the trend a little again by having a third character, sort of, in the far distance. In the first two covers, Memory carries a small knife, one that readers of the series will know is important to her. Here in this final cover, she’s upgraded a little. This is a big hint of what is to come in this story.

Providence Unveiled is the exciting conclusion to the series with some world(s) changing events. It’s been slow to write because it has a much bigger scope than the previous two books, and brings together all the hints, clues and developments of the story so far into one final showdown of epic proportions.

Click this image below to see a super-sized image!


Can’t wait to see the real paperback? Here’s a 3D Preview!


What do you think of the final cover art? Does it get you pumped up to read this final installment in my fantasy trilogy?

Are you ready for the final book in the Memory’s Wake trilogy?

Some of you have been waiting a long time (sorry!). I’ve been beyond busy for a while now, but working on this book when I can. It’s coming together slowly by surely and I hope to have a clearer release date to share very soon! Until then, enjoy these views of the cover art!

Not ready for the final book yet? Now’s the time to catch up! The first two books are ready to take you on an adventure into the fairy-filled lands of Avall with Memory and her friends.


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