Readalong Chapter 10

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Remember, there can be spoilers for those who haven’t read this far yet!

Chapter Ten

The basic rundown-

Eek! Dragon! Luckily the dragon is still partly trapped in the veil door Memory summoned it through, and Memory and the others manage to escape. They arrive at the Duke Lanval’s castle and Memory passes out from the effect of the “impossible” magic she used. Eloryn and Roen go to see the Duke who says he will introduce them to his contact in the resistance, who will help Eloryn get to the rest of the remaining Wizard’s Council for safety.


Hints of Roen being a flirty scoundrel again in this section of the book. I like the idea that he’s snuck girls into the castle before, regularly enough that the servant Uther expects it, and is not even surprised to see him bring two girls in!

There are some mentions through the story of Memory being quite skinny, including in this section. It isn’t said outright, but she’s skinny due to an eating disorder. Now she can’t remember her past, there are a lot of references to her eating or wanting to eat through the story, since having having no memories means she has forgotten the emotions/reasons for the eating disorder.

Roen mentions that the Duke has no children of his own, which is why he’s so fond of having Roen around, and that Thayl had tortured his wife. He even notes that Lanval’s wife is still having nightmares. It’s hinted at but not explicitly said that it was the torture that Lanval’s wife suffered that meant they haven’t been able to have children. Nasty stuff. When Thayl first took over the kingdom, he had a very powerful magic on his side but not much else. He needed the support (willing or otherwise) of some of the more powerful noble families of Avall. Roen’s family fought Thayl to the end, but Lanval gave in, agreeing to support Thayl (at least to his face), to stop the torture of his wife.

Author’s Thoughts-

There are a lot of details that are in the story in my head which don’t fit into the book. Because of using limited points of view, there are things the other characters know that the character we’re currently with doesn’t know. For example, in the escape from the dragon, I know that Eloryn would have been using her magic to keep their horses refreshed and able to keep riding hard like they did, but of course, because we’re in Memory’s point of view, there’s no way to work it into the book.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

 Lanval leant back in his chair again, gesturing to Eloryn. “And what of the Princess’s wishes, how do her plans meet with yours and your parents, for returning her to the throne? Does she want that, considering she has done naught but hide these last sixteen years?”

Let’s Discuss

Ok, I admit I’m stumped and can’t think of any questions for this chapter, so instead I just invite you to RUN AMOK! AMOK I SAY! Let loose whatever random thoughts book related or otherwise!

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?


  1. Riley Zilm
    18 October 12, 8:54pm

    This is the opinion of someone who has read the book, and there is a spoiler in this post, so IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED THE BOOK, DON’T READ THIS!

    Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here’s my theory: I think Memory can do such powerful magic without even trying because being stuck in the Veil for so long totally unhinged the magic-ness inside her. The runes carved into her and Thayl are merely to cross the Veil.
    I dunno, maybe. Meh.

    Chapter Eleven has one of my favourite illustrations in it; the mask. It’s just so pretty! :)
    My favourite quote is:
    ‘Roen peeked through Door Number Two, and seeing her awake, strode in followed by Eloryn. They were both neat and clean, Roen dressed in a fresh white shirt, worn loosely, and Eloryn in her same grey and ivory lace dress that always managed to look perfect. Her hair was no less perfect.
    Ambushed by the pretty people. Not fair damn it.’

    And I just thought; if Chloe Grace Moretz were English/Australian, she’d make a pretty cool Memory.

    • Selina
      18 October 12, 10:57pm

      Wow, your comment made me realise how much I spaced out this afternoon when I wrote this. I only did Chapter 10 when I meant to do 10 and 11! Oh well, I’ll do 11, 12 and 13 together then *quickly changes title of this one to reflect the change!*

      Chloe Grace Moretz is an awesome actor! I agree, good pick! I had a thought for actors yesterday too. Liam Hemsworth for Will- he’s got the right height and eye colour anyway! Just needs darker/longer hair. Gotta dream anyway :p

      I’d LOVE to speculate with you or comment on Memory’s magic, but things could get very spoilery for everyone then, since I know what’s going on :p But I think you’re going to enjoy the next book!

      • Riley ZIlm
        19 October 12, 11:43am

        Ooh, Liam Hemsworth, nice one! I can see it now….
        Hehe, I thought something was missing from the post first time I read it. xD Oh well, I’m just ahead of everyone else now. :)
        Can’t wait for Book Two!

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