Readalong Chapter 11, 12 and 13

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Chapter Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen

The basic rundown-

The next day Memory has recovered and she, Eloryn and Roen prepare for the masquerade ball that evening where they will be able to mingle without as much fear of being recognised. Memory learns some magic. Roen and Eloryn leave her on their own to go and meet the contact in the resistance, and Memory stumbles upon them having a conversation about her and eavesdrops. Eloryn reveals who, or what, she thinks Memory is, and Memory is not happy about it! At the ball, Memory has the chance of seeing King Thayl who has just arrived. When she does, she recognises him from an earlier dream, and he also recognises her. Memory, Eloryn and Roen only just manage to escape by swimming through deep water channels.


Earlier in the story, Memory jokes about naming her bruises to keep track of them because there are so many. In this section she actually calls them by name,  Bill, Ben, Bob and Barry the Bruises.

When discussing magic and what or what isn’t currently forbidden and why, Roen mentions metal workers as a specific class of people who use magic. Being as there is no iron in Avall, they use behests to make other metals stronger.

Also on the topic of magic, there is a specific reason that Mem can’t cast the light spell. El explains the light is actually a type of living fae energy and Mem is carrying on her something the fae don’t like!

This section has a Cinderella lost shoe reference, but the person who comes looking for Memory with her lost shoe is far from Prince Charming.

In her private conversation with Roen about Memory, Eloryn mentions that she gave Memory some bread when she first met her to test whether she was some kind of changeling or fae in disguise. The fae of Avall won’t eat bread (this is also common in folklore and mythology of our world!) and to share bread is a standard test in Avall to make sure someone is human.

Author’s Thoughts-

“Hair and clothes were as crumpled as each other; even a few visible wrinkles from her mummy-wrapped slumber still marked her skin.” In this bit, I wanted to say “sheet scars” but I wasn’t sure if that was just something only I say!

The forest boy is very good at moving through bushes and trees. I always thought that is this were a role playing game, that he would have the Woodland Stride skill. He’s there looking out for Mem again in this section of the book, but I always imagined when she jumps into the water at the end he’s probably thinking “I JUST saved her from one thing and here she goes again!”.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

They emerged into a stone paved courtyard where a group of men in a range of armor and uniforms stood about in serious discussion. Perceval placed her against a hedge, winking at one of his friends who looked their way. Memory tried not to feel like a groupie.

Let’s Discuss

How would you react if your friends thought you were something not human?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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