Readalong Chapter 14, 15 and 16

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Chapters Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen

The basic rundown-

After escaping Thayl at the castle, Memory and Eloryn split up from Roen to avoid being tracked and meet up again at roadside inn. Roen heard some men at the bar bragging they were wizard hunters who controlled a dragon. He thinks they will be safe in their room since no one saw them go in, and they have a little time to relax. Things get a bit steamy between Roen and Eloryn, and the forest boy finally speaks with Memory, warning her about the dragon and how it’s being controlled. That night Thayl contacts Memory in her dreams and tells her he knows who she is, and will help her if she brings Eloryn to him. He also says that it wasn’t him who killed the queen. He and the queen had been in love, and  he says it was Alward who killed the queen when they tried to escape together. Memory wakes up confused the next morning but there’s no time to think about it all then, because some thugs outside have Roen captured and are going to hang him as a thief!


We learn in this section why Eloryn thinks her and Alward being found was her fault. That she used her magic in front of the children she taught in order to save them from being crushed when a bookshelf fell.

Roen also shares some of his feelings with Eloryn, explaining why he’s a bit of a ladies man, but why he acts so polite and proper to her.

Thayl shares his history with Memory, a lot of which doesn’t match up to what others had been telling her. Stories and motivations are starting to get a lot more complicated.

Author’s Thoughts-

In a much, much earlier version of Memory’s Wake, there was another main character that was with the group for most of their adventure. A tall, buxom, red-headed barmaid. The barmaid Roen is caught flirting with in this section is my little homage to my character who got cut from the story.

When writing the song about thieves that the thugs are singing, I had to take a few liberties! In order to make it rhyme they sing “Cutpurse, dipper, footpad or a booter-free“, all different names for thieves, but really it’s Freebooter, not booter-free ;) But it’s my fantasy world, which is close but not quite like earth, so their language has just evolved a little differently. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

Favourite Quote/Moment-

I have a few from this section!

“I could maybe try something? Anything is better than freezing to death, right?” Memory said.
Eloryn hesitated, needing a moment to compose herself. Memory started muttering random words and phrases to do with heat and warmth. Eloryn turned to give her warning, but a flame already sparked in front of them, lighting the dry leaves at their feet on fire. Memory swore and smothered it with the wet bulk of her dress.
“OK, burning to death? Not better. Point taken.”


“Understatement,” said Memory, reaching for a cup.
“You know, sometimes what you say makes barely any sense. The rest of the time it makes none at all.” Roen half smiled and tipped his cup to her.


Memory waved limp-wristed at them. “I just, I… bah. My trains of thought are leaving the station too quickly,” she slurred and pushed her way outside.

Let’s Discuss

The conversation between the forest boy and Memory has a VERY strong subtext. He is saying one thing, but meaning something else (similar). What do you think he’s trying to tell Mem?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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