Readalong Chapter 17, 18, 19

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Chapter Seventeen, Eighteen, and Nineteen

The basic rundown-

The girls fight to save Roen from being hanged and he reveals to them that he is a thief. They hitch hike with a wagon only to find its owners aren’t what they seem. Finally they reach their destination and make contact with the Wizard’s Council but they aren’t all they were hoping for.


Roen had gotten the girls drunk so they’d stay in the room while he tried to get the dragon flute on his own. Since he got caught he told the girls that he was a thief to try and make them hate him so they would go without him and leave him to a fate he believed he deserved.

Mem shows she can think quick to solve problems a few times in this section.

The thugs knives are all made of bronze or copper. Mem’s knife proves to be a much harder metal.

Mem doesn’t like being touched and reacts violently to being grabbed!

We learn Roen is a seventh son of a seventh son, “cursed and blessed”.

Mem confronts the others about them thinking she is a demon and they apologize. Mem also shows she admires who El is, not just jealous of her looks.

The banshees say they are taking “the magic ones” to some one for a prize. This is important in later books!

Mention of the Pact and Branding is made, it seems as though if a human attacks a unprovoked or vice versa then they can be Branded which is a death sentence.

Holding Mem’s iron knife reopens El’s spark of connection that had been dodgy since she got hit with the poison bolt the night before.

The town Kenth they go to is dead land and Roen says that the fae bring prosperity to the land and if they leave it becomes like this.

Author’s Thoughts-

I like the idea of the girls going to rescue Roen while badly hungover. Ir was hard to write a fight a scene with so many people involved. That’s why the thugs ended up with the nicknames Mem gives them.

During the fight Will takes on the biggest of the thugs that Mem nicknamed Giant. He tackles him away and the fight takes place “off camera” but in my mind I imagine it like the fight between Westley and Fezzik in The Princess Bride.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

“Sorry for taking so long.”
“No apology needed when you bring food.”

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