Readalong Chapter 20 and 21

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Chapter Twenty and Twenty One

The basic rundown-

Eloryn is betrayed by one of the Wizard’s Council and Thayl arrives, capturing her and the rest of the council. Eloryn and Roen are both badly injured. Thayl reveals the truth of who Memory is and as she fights to escape, she frees the dragon who turns on the men who kept it as a slave. Roen gets Eloryn away and Mem tries to follow but is carried off the other way by the forest boy.


Mem uses and quotes Roen’s slight of hand trick he taught her to get the flute off the hunter.

During the fight when Mem is pinned under a body, the way she gets free is a bit vague but will be important and explained in the next book!

Thayl accidentally calls Eloryn “Loredanna”, her mother’s name, when the dragon hurts her, because she looks so much like her, and it must have felt to Thayl a bit like losing Loredanna again.

Perceval, the man who talked to Mem at the masque, is one of the men the dragon kills.

Author’s Thoughts-

Big stuff happening with lots being revealed. It’s a show of Memory’s character that when she got the flute that controlled the dragon, she didn’t try to control the dragon herself but rather destroyed the flute so no one could control it.

In terms of character and story arcs we’ve just reached the darkest moment for our characters. I’ll talk more about Mem in the next chapter after more is revealed, because this is an important section for Eloryn too. Eloryn’s character flaw is that she does what others tell her too or allows others to look after her too completely. In this section she realises this, that she should be the one going to help Alward rather than trying to have some one else do it for her, but she then makes the mistake of still putting it in the hands of someone else again. This proved to be a fatal mistake for Alward, and possibly for her too.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

After the last of the priests passed away it was only ever her, Alward, and the books. Often all three together when she was still small enough to curl up on a chair with Alward and be read to.

Let’s Discuss

Now we know who Mem is, or who Thatl says she is. Did you see the clues leading to this? Did you guess?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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