Readalong Chapter 22

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Chapter Twenty Two

The basic rundown-

The forest boy reveals to Memory how he knows her. Roen tries to keep Eloryn alive but she is slipping away. Memory and Will (yay he has a name!) find them and Memory is able to heal Eloryn.


Not many insights in this chapter since this is where a lot of things finally get revealed and spelled out!

Author’s Thoughts-

Memory’s character flaw (well, one of many) is that she puts a selfish and superficial desire for family over the real people around her. Family is just a “thing” she desires and she has to learn what family really means and the value of the people around her. In doing so she almost loses the one real family member she has.

Why didn’t I reveal Memory’s real name here? Because it’s not important to this story. It will be properly revealed in the next book where it is important because Memory’s past and current selfs come into conflict.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

Her eyes flickered over his shirtless chest and a trace of color made it to her cheeks.
“By the… Don’t blush now, you haven’t enough blood.”

Let’s Discuss

Did it bug you that I didn’t reveal Memory’s old name here?

Roen reveals how being a seventh son of a seventh son means he is “blessed” but can you tell what the cursed part is?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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