Readalong Chapter 23, 24, 25 and 26

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Chapter Twenty Three, Twenty Four, Twenty Five and Twenty Six
(The rush to the big ending!)

The basic rundown-

Eloryn is healed, but devastated at the loss of Alward. She makes a deal with the fae in order to see the truth of her birth. The details of who Memory is come together and the dragon returns, this time on their side, offering Memory a gift in return for having freed it from its slavery. Memory learns the power to Veil Door, and they travel to Eloryn’s second safe house and make a plan to confront Thayl. Memory has concerns about the plan, and contacts Thayl in her dream to make a different plan of her own.


The deal Eloryn makes with the fae will have implications in the next books!

The figure leading the ritual for Thayl that is seen in flashback will also be important in following books. The ritual and how it really affected Memory and her magic will also be explored in much greater detail.

” If their plan worked, restoring the Maellan line and the Wizards’ Council to power, then he and Eloryn wouldn’t be allowed together any more than Loredanna and Thayl were.” This is a big one for the next books!

Author’s Thoughts-

The scene with Memory and Eloryn chatting in bed is one of my favourite in the book. I’m not sure why, I just love the friendship between the two that comes across then.

I realised that I made things difficult for myself in having not just twins, but identical twins in this story. But I was also interested in the concept of how different identical twins could become when growing up in completely different environments. In terms of physical differences, when Memory first appears she has many features which make her a lot different to Eloryn- her bruises, piercings, hair cut and colour, clothing and that she is practically anorexic while Eloryn is more plump. Even for identical twins, those features are going to make her appear very different, but over the course of the story those features were removed (all except her hair cut), even their weights started to become similar as Eloryn lost weight (barely ate and was getting way more exercise than she was used to) and Memory ate everything in sight through the story ;)

Favourite Quote/Moment-

 “No matter what you may think, you do not belong in Avall. You. A vessel too full. Liable to spill and spoil all around.”


“So what’s the plan, Princess? As much as the idea of seeing Thayl again makes me want to barf out my happy thoughts, I’m with you. I want back what’s mine.” 


“You won’t hurt us?” Memory asked, confused.
“Indeed no.” Words came slowly, an earthquake of sound. “I come to grant a boon for my release from imprisonment, in the last time I shall ever be in service to a human.” Its last word held such distaste it made Memory squeeze Eloryn tighter.
“Thank you,” Memory said in a squeak, feeling even more like a mouse. “For not killing us.”
The dragon’s head gave a shallow nod. “What else would you have from me?”
“What the hell’s a boon?” Memory hissed into Eloryn’s ear.

Let’s Discuss

What do you think Memory is planning to do after her deal with Thayl?

What about Eloryn’s original plan? Did it sound OK? What would you have done in their situation?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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