Readalong Chapter 27 and 28, The End!

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Chapter Twenty Seven and Twenty Eight

The basic rundown-

It’s time to execute Eloryn’s plan, hopefully taking down Thayl and getting Memory her past back. Memory is meant to veil door them to a safe place within Caermaellan Castle so they can free the Wizard’s Council, but instead she brings them all straight to Thayl and it seems she’s betrayed her friends! They are all captured, and Memory uses her position to get close to Thayl… then cuts his hand off. Ouch! Magic goes all blasty and Mem is knocked out. While she’s down, Thayl tries to take the opportunity to kill her. Eloryn enters Memory’s mind to try and heal her and wake her up to save herself, but can only do it by expelling and once again losing all of her memories that hit her so hard. Memory wakes up, and with Eloryn’s help, they take down Thayl and end the battle in the room. Huzzah, the girls win! The castle that was their birthright is once again theirs.


Piers, the leader of the resistance, will be showing up in the next books.

Some readers have commented they thought that Loredanna’s had been prepared just for Eloryn coming to the castle, but I had thought that Thayl had kept it nice, bringing fresh roses every day, as a tribute to Loredanna and his love for her.

When Memory/Eloryn goes to Eloryn’s body to but her back in, she takes Roen’s fist and uncurls it, the same way Eloryn did at the Inn before they kissed. This was Eloryn acting through Memory.

Author’s Thoughts-

I always knew roughly what was going to happen at the end of the story, but man, I must have gone through a dozen different versions of how it played out. Different plans, different allies, different order of events. I finally settled on this one, and hope it works well!

The character arc for Memory is all about realising that superficial ideas of identity and family aren’t the same as real relationships and personal growth. In the beginning, she’s obsessed with “finding home” and knowing her name, but not really understanding what family means or trying to find herself. By the end of the story, she’s built a strong relationship with Eloryn and her other friends, she’s made a real family, and she’s grown and become a new person, Memory, so she doesn’t care what name she had before.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

“I’m not so worried. I found out my name, where I was, and know who I am. Found all the family and friends I dreamed of. Hell, I even got myself a castle. I’ll make a new home, new memories.”
Whatever else might still be wrong with me, wherever the lost parts of my broken soul are, for now at least I’m alive, can live, here with my family. She stared over Eloryn’s shoulder, where daylight brightened the diamond cut glass window of the balcony doors. Outside a thorny vine grew around the balustrade. The silhouette of a wild young man perched on it in front of the sun. She smiled. “Besides, things never just disappear. They have to go somewhere, right?”

Let’s Discuss

All done! So, as endings go, how was it? Exciting? Did you understand Memory’s motivation to try and keep her friends out of the conflict the way she did?

Now the big questions! What do you think happens next? How are El and Mem, Roen and Will, going to manage in a castle? Should they have killed Thayl to stop him causing more trouble? What’s going to happen to their relationships? And who IS that hooded figure from the ritual at their birth?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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