Readalong Chapter 06

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Chapter Six

The basic rundown-

Memory and Eloryn enter Roen’s home and his parents aren’t happy he’s brought strangers home (due to their situation of living in hiding because of who they are). Roen’s father thinks they are trouble. The girls are allowed to stay for long enough to get fed, cleaned and sent on their way again. Memory has a little bathtub incident which causes enough drama for the tight-lipped Eloryn to finally admit that she is, indeed, the heir to the Maellan throne.


While the outside of Roen’s home is rundown, they keep the inside as nice as possible. Roen acquires (in any way he can!) posh items for his parents to try and make them feel the loss of their noble positions less. He’s a good son and always trying to please his rather formal parents. There’s something else about what Roen is that means this is extra hard for him to do.

When Memory is getting changed for her bath, she notices a big, old scar in the middle of her chest. This is important for later! Her stubbed toes, not so much.

Memory’s newfound joy of sitting becomes a bit of a running joke in the story. Having come into the world “fresh” with no memories, and having a pretty tough time of it since then, Memory grows to very much appreciate the simple comforts in life- being fed, cleaned, and rested are joys to her!

Author’s Thoughts-

I always imagined Memory to be the type of girl to change her hair colour all the time. Like Ramona Flowers! I figured she’d use either really cheap dodgy stuff or dye she’d shoplifted, and that she must have only just dyed her hair before the start of the story, because of how the dye is still running so much.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

Memory sighed and chipped black polish from her fingernails as her frustration rose. Her second day in the world for all she could remember, and she was left to make all the small talk. At least Eloryn wasn’t making them run any more. It was nice to sit. So nice. Memory thought sitting might be her new favorite pastime.

Let’s Discuss

What would you have done in Eloryn’s situation, where you had no idea what to do on your own but knew you really shouldn’t be telling anyone your huge secret? Who would you trust?

If you’d been through everything Memory had, would you freak out if your bath water turned black?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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