Readalong Chapter 07

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Chapter 7

The basic rundown-

Memory is upset about Eloryn’s revelation, and worried it means that no one is going to help her. Roen helps cheer her up and Eloryn shares with Memory the story of what happened to her parents. Eloryn has been told that Thayl, the current king, killed the previous king and queen, and most of the Wizard’s Council, because he wanted revenge for not being allowed to marry the queen. Alward escaped the slaughter with the newborn Eloryn and raised her in hiding.


The fairies Memory sees while outside with Roen mean that the sprites (Mina and Yvainne) have caught up with her again, which means so has the forest boy.

We learn that Roen is the youngest of seven brothers, but five of them are dead and one other disowned.

Memory picks up Roen’s sleight of hand trick very easily, hinting that she may have had sticky fingers in the past as well.

When Roen touches Memory, making her flinch, a growl comes from the forest. Guess who that could be?

Author’s Thoughts-

I’m worried Memory comes across as very selfish and whiny in this chapter, but at the same time feel that she behaved right for her character. She would be very upset by Eloryn’s revelation. Memory’s problems are huge and deserve attention, but even they become overshadowed by a princess on the run, so it would be hard not to feel a bit resentful.

In the very, very oldest version of Memory’s Wake, the fairy-tale history of Eloryn’s was actually the prologue, but I wanted to have Eloryn herself deliver it.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

The look of concern only made his pretty face more charming. She could feel his warm breath on her, making the hair on her neck stand on end. Her heart drummed and she began to understand how Eloryn had fainted so easily.

Let’s Discuss

Would you be angry if you had no memories and the person you relied on for guidance lied to you (or omitted the truth)?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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