Readalong Chapter 08 and 09

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Chapter Eight and Nine

The basic rundown-

Roen returns the next morning with bad news- Alward has been captured, and the Wizard hunters got a good look at Eloryn and Memory and are out searching the city and farmlands for them. It’s decided the girls are to travel to Duke Lanval, a trusted friend of Roen’s family, who may be able to provide further help. Roen is to lead them their but when they are close to being caught by Wizard Hunters, Memory accidentally casts a spell which summons the dragon to them.


There are a lot of clues in Memory’s dream at the start of Chapter Seven about what happened to her. It’s very dreamlike and mixed in with other new memories she has, like running from the dragon, but in there are some of the only other memories she has left.

We see Eloryn using magic again more clearly, and get some explanations as to how it works. Everyone in Avall can connect to magic, but in order to use it properly you need the right spell words. The Wizards of Avall have spent centuries of research to refine their spell words and make spells that work, and either memorize the complicated words or keep scrolls they can read in order to cast long spells. The general populous only know a few simple spells, like the light spell, that are only a couple of words long. Eloryn is different. With her gift of communication she can use the magical language to ask anything of just about anything without memorising specific spells. Much of her magic is limited to her creativity and other rules of the physical world.

Roen’s mother shares the story of what they found when they tried to help the queen the night she died, and the story doesn’t match up to what Alward had been telling Eloryn all these years. Secrets and lies are starting to be uncovered.

Roen’s mother also explains that Roen only guessed who Eloryn was because he’d grown up with a crush on a portrait of Eloryn’s mother, who Eloryn looks very much like (the amulet she dropped was also in the portrait).

When in Roen’s POV we start to get an impression that he feels like he can never live up to his parents expectations, that there’s something about who he is (apart from being a thief) that means they are unhappy he’s the only son they have left. Roen’s mother even mentions that they never planned to have Roen.

Between Roen’s relationship with a woman named “Scarlett” in the city, and his comment about the Draper’s many daughters, it’s clear he has been a bit of a ladies man.

And of course, the Snow White reference- ” Despite having a pretty dress on, she still felt far from fairest of them all.”

Author’s Thoughts-

There have been a few times in my life, particularly after travelling where you’ve stayed in a few different places, when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night confused about where I was and how I got there. I figured Memory must feel this way a lot, and had to include it in the story.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

“The ancient words give the meaning, but it’s the spark of connection that lets us communicate our behests. The internal connection to magic that you feel, in here,” Eloryn put her hand to the centre of her chest. “The Pact has meant all people of Avall have the spark of connection within. Don’t you feel it?”
Memory turned the concept around in her mind, wondering if she could connect to magic in any way. She looked down at her chest, feeling the warmth within her she’d known these last few days. She thought it was just panic-induced heartburn.

Let’s Discuss

Why do you think Roen was so anxious in Chapter 9?

Now there have been more clues, who or what do you think Memory is?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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