Readalong Chapter 05

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 Chapter Five

The basic rundown-

Eloryn denies anything about being a princess, and Roen convinces the girls to let him help them and they head back to his home. On the way, Roen explains why he and his parents, once Duke and Duchess, are now living in hiding and poverty. We learn that the current King, Thayl Vaircarn, killed the previous king and queen and took the throne. Some, including Roen’s family, tried to fight him but Thayl had some kind of strong, new magic which made him unbeatable. He mentions a newborn heir that was believed to have survived the slaughter so long ago, who he obviously presumes to be Eloryn.


We’re finally back with Memory again (after a brief scene in Roen’s POV). This is the first time we get into her head when she’s got some time to think about herself and her situation. The knife she’s discovered she’s carrying is a very important item in so many ways in this book and ongoing books.

Roen clearly still believes Eloryn is the lost Maellan heir. He’s trying to get something out of her by revealing his own family’s story.

Author’s Thoughts-

Thayls last name, Vaircarn, is a rough form of the old celtic words for “fire chain”, in other words, lightning. Roen’s family name, Faerbaird is “fair born”. Maellan is “talker” or storyteller, in reference to the Maellan talent for communication (more on this later!). Many of the names in the story have some kind of meaning like this and I put a fair bit of thought and research into them as I named characters.

I also had to do some research into exactly what made someone a prince, and different levels of nobility. In some hierarchies, only the son of a king could be called a prince, but in others, a prince could also be a son of a Duke, or more commonly a Grand Duke. From my understanding (which is still limited!), a Grand Duke is simply a Duke which the monarch has bestowed an extra title to for some reason. As Roen’s parents were very close to the Maellan family, I figure they would be Grand Duke and Duchess, and therefore, Roen would have been a prince. That’s what I’ve decided for how Avall works, anyway!

Favourite Quote/Moment-

Why was everyone she’d met so far so damn pretty! Amnesia or not, Memory knew pretty people lied too. Everyone lies, her heart told her. Wow, learned something new about myself. Turns out I’m a cynic. Surprise.

Let’s Discuss

What would you think of yourself, if the only clue you had to your lost identity was a dangerous looking knife?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?


  1. Tim Sharrock
    02 October 12, 8:50pm

    Hi Selina, I am enjoying reading your thoughts in the reread. What I am waiting for is a hint of what the changes were in the “updated” version that Amazon sent to my kindle :)

    • Selina
      02 October 12, 9:07pm

      Hi Tim, there weren’t any changes to the story that was sent out in the ebook update, just the inclusion of two colour artworks and the map :)

      • Tim Sharrock
        03 October 12, 4:33am

        Thanks – so I will look on my PC as well as my monochrome kindle

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