Readalong Chapter 04

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Chapter Four

The basic rundown-

Roen is working, pick-pocketing through a busy market. He sees an easy mark- what looks like two young boys hiding under travelling cloaks and acting shifty with a big bag and lots of gold. He thinks they are street kids who stole the bag from someone else. He steals their bag, but then realises that they are two very upset girls and feels bad. He pretends he get the bag back from them from the thief, and when he gives it back an amulet falls out with the royal crest on that he recognises. He hides the girls from town guards who are looking for them and reveals he believes Eloryn to be a princess.


Roen, our final main character has been introduced and now the story really gets going from here on.

We also finally get to see a bit more of what this world is like. The people wear suits and corsets, there are carriages and cats, all a fairly normal historical setting, except for the fae. Roen ponders how there aren’t as many fae any more, even from his childhood. It is mentioned that the fae used to sell “imports” to humans, which is an interesting part of how Avall formed that will be explained more in the next book.

Roen may be a thief, but clearly has strong morals and isn’t happy about the work he does. He tries to choose victims that won’t be hurt too much from his crimes (the rich, or stealing from other criminals). When he realises he mistook Memory and Eloryn as criminals but they weren’t, he acted to correct his crime.

It’s while walking around the markets that Memory discovers the knife in her pocket (Roen watches her play with it, one of the reasons he thought they were criminals). I imagine clicking open a flick knife when she didn’t know what it was would have been a surprise for Memory!

Author’s Thoughts-

Roen has been a tricky character for me to write. I wanted a perfect mix of charming and flirty on the outside hiding very low self worth on the inside but I think I’ve often made him too self abasing. I’m hoping to balance him out more and help him get over his issues in the next book!

This chapter was originally from Memory’s point of view, but I changed it so I could have each character have their own start chapter. When it was from Memory’s POV, it meant that we didn’t know it was Roen who was really the thief until much later.

The reason Eloryn dropped her bag when she brushed Roen’s hand, is that this was probably the very first (physical) contact she’s ever had with a guy her own age! Aw…

Favourite Quote/Moment-

 Something about her face seemed familiar in the way that made his palms clammy. She was beautiful, even on the verge of tears, but what was yet another pretty girl to him?

Let’s Discuss

One of the first big reveals- Eloryn, a princess! Did you see this one coming?

Did you feel that Roen is too self abasing?

Are you missing Memory yet? Since I changed the start chapters to other characters points of view, I feel like we don’t really start getting to know Memory until the next chapter. Are you looking forward to more about her again?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?

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