Readalong Chapter 01

If you’re new to the Readalong, check the starting post here- It has links to each chapter and more information. Remember, there can be spoilers for those who haven’t read this far yet!


The basic rundown- A girl (it’s not too much of a spoiler to say this is Memory) emerges from a nasty magic vortex thing. She can’t remember who she is. She meets Eloryn who tells her they have to run because wizard hunters and their dragon are after them. Cue chase sequence. Eloryn runs into a cave but Memory is blocked by a savage looking young man. Like this-

But he helps her into the cave and Eloryn uses magic to seal the entrance and separate her and Memory from their pursuers.

Insights- There’s a lot of chaos in this chapter, but a lot of important details too, like Memory’s burning sensation (uh, not like THAT) and the fact she was already injured when she arrived. Fantasy elements come in right away too. Eloryn mentions fae, we see magic and a dragon!

Author’s Thoughts- Sheesh, wordy! I think my writing style has changed a little since I wrote the early chapters of Memory’s Wake. I would now cut half the words out of this chapter and it would be an improvement. I like my writing a lot more sparse now, where in this chapter it feels like I describe every sensation about three times.

Favourite Quote/Moment- 

Wide green eyes, shadowed and full of fear, darted from the surrounding woods back onto her. “I’m not where I ought to be. Did you do this, did you bring me here? Was it magic of yours? How did you come to be caught within my Veil door?”
She could only gape at Ghost-girl. Magic? Is that why my skin’s tingling like this? But magic’s not real. She wasn’t sure she could say just now what was or wasn’t real, but the accusations confused and stung. She was sure she hadn’t done any bringing.

Let’s Discuss!

What did you think had happened to Memory when you first read this chapter?

Was it all very chaotic and confusing?

Did it have a nice sense of fantasy and draw you to keep reading?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?


  1. 24 September 12, 1:39pm

    I assumed Memory had changed worlds, but I had no idea of her original origin (if I may put it that way) at that point.
    Yes, I did want to read on. I didn’t find the wordiness a problem. Fantasy style is usually more ornate than “realism” style. It’s a given.

    • Selina
      25 September 12, 10:44am

      Glad the wordiness didn’t bother you. I do think it improves as the story goes on. I was just a bit over excited about describing things in this first chapter and should have “killed more darlings” :)

  2. Toria Mason
    24 September 12, 7:30pm

    I had enough prior knowledge from descriptions and stuff on the book and seeing artwork you’d posted to know she was in some way, “changing worlds” as Sally said. As far as the nitty gritty, I’m not sure I thought too much on why she was beaten or had lost her memory as I assumed I would find out in time anyways. I don’t like to put too much thought into things (books, movies, etc) because I like to be in that moment with them, I like to maintain a bit of naievity, instead of figuring everything out and losing the shock.

    It was very chaotic and confusing in a good way, in a way that does make you want to keep reading to find out what all the action is about. I do agree that the first time I read it, it was a bit wordy and dragged on a bit, but was still interesting enough to keep going. Descriptions are good to have though and I love the way you describe things, and I only had issues with it at the very beginning so it was only a minor issue.

    I loved the fantasy aspects in it already. And I adore how they say “By the fae.” :)

    • Selina
      25 September 12, 10:42am

      Yes, it’s good to be able to just experience the story with the characters. Because I’m always thinking about stories now, and how they work, I pick the twists or outcomes of books and movies too much now! It does take some of the joy from it.
      I’m glad you like “By the fae”. I played around with other ideas for curses too, like “Fae King’s Smell” ;)

      • Toria Mason
        25 September 12, 9:45pm

        My father does that while we watch TV and then spits out what he knows is gonna happen. And so I’m all thanks for ruining that! He says well it’s obvious! I say I don’t care, I want to be surprised. lol

        haha Funny. ;) I think it’s cool for you to come up with your own curses. lol

      • Toria Mason
        25 September 12, 9:49pm

        Oh and just saw you added a new question.

        Quotes. Of course, as I said I love when she said “By the fae.” My other favorite quote from chapter one was “The ground trembled into a shiver, growing outwards, expanding quickly, up tree trunks, along branches, tickling the leaves at the treetops. A thousand voices whispered…Brilliant. I’m hallucinating.”

        Moments. I think my favorite was when “the savage” appeared. I was interested in him already. ;) Ah, I am a sucker for dark mysterious and seemingly trouble guys. haha

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