Readalong Chapter 03

If you’re new to the Readalong, check the starting post here- It has links to each chapter and more information. Remember, there can be spoilers for those who haven’t read this far yet!

Chapter Three

The basic rundown-

We’re now with the forest boy, who was left behind with the wizard hunters when Eloryn closed the cave entrance. He had heard the noise of the veil door and came to find “her”, the girl he’d been waiting for, that he’d lost somehow. The forest boy escapes the hunters and calls his fairy friends to help him try and find Memory again. The fairies don’t like Memory, but say she’s something dangerous and needs to be watched, so he can come with them while they keep an eye on her. We meet Mina, a sprite that the forest boy has some kind of relationship with.


Lots of big clues are hinted at in this chapter-

The fact that the forest boy knew the sound of the veil door from his “first night in this world”, which was many years ago.

That Mina has fed him fairy foods when he’s been hungry, but he can catch his own food now. I wanted to make it fairly clear that he had been lost and hungry in the forest, and looked after by the fae. At least on and off, Mina leaves him on his own for extended periods, too. He also says he’s spent time with the fae which felt shorter than his time in the forest, by which I meant he’s been to the fairies home world as well.

We’re told by the fae that within Memory there is “something unnatural, something dangerous”.

And a very subtle clue- that the forest boy assumed up front that the dragon owned the hunters, not vice versa.

Author’s Thoughts-

I decided that to introduce each of the four main characters I would do one chapter from each of their points of view as the first four chapters. But that meant I had to write this chapter about the forest boy, which was really hard! To write this chapter without naming either the forest boy, or have him spit out Memory’s real name, but still have it be even slightly clear what was happening proved a major challenge and I’m not entirely sure I succeeded.

The inspiration for the forest boy was that I’ve always loved “lost boy” characters- Tarzan, Mowgli, Jack (from the movie Legend). Also, the forest boy’s desire to protect Memory is one of my favourite things in the story. I wanted to make it a very innocent, childlike desire to keep something safe. I can’t wait to continue this story in the next books.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

Seeing her again made him think of things he hadn’t thought of for half a lifetime. Things like mirrors, showers, soap.

Let’s Discuss

Mina is only a minor character, but I enjoyed writing her fiery disposition. What did you think of her and the other fairies?

Which of the two girls did you think the forest boy was talking about when he said “Her”?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?


  1. 27 September 12, 8:52am

    I didn’t like Mina, because I was so afraid (still am) that she might ruin what Memory and ??? have.

  2. Toria Mason
    30 September 12, 7:31am

    I agree with Parveen about Mina, however I think she would be a fun character to watch if it were made into a movie or something, if that makes sense. lol

    It actually never crossed my mind of him talking about Eloryn. I always assumed Memory.

    I could tell you were deliberately calling Memory “her” as to keep her name secret but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think you succeeded. I love reading the parts where he tells the story. haha

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