Readalong Chapter 02

If you’re new to the Readalong, check the starting post here- It has links to each chapter and more information. Remember, there can be spoilers for those who haven’t read this far yet!


The basic rundown-

We jump back in time to find out how Eloryn got there. Earlier that day, her and Alward’s (her guardian) home is found by the wizard hunters who are after them. Alward tries to cast a Veil Door, a transportation spell, to help them escape but it is interrupted and only Eloryn makes it through, leaving Alward with the hunters and an unknown fate.

Then we’re back in the cave the girls ran into at the end of Chapter One. Eloryn is unsure about the strange girl who reveals she has no memories. Unable to think of a better name under pressure, Eloryn dubs her “Memory”. The caves aren’t safe for them, full of trolls wanting to chew their bitty bones, and they escape through tunnels again with the help of Eloryn’s magic. When they are safe, Eloryn explains that she’s being hunted because her and Alward use magic which is now outlawed in Avall, but it’s clear she’s leaving something out of her explanation.


Eloryn has lead a very sheltered upbringing and is used to having all her decisions made for her by Alward, but she’s been daydreaming of more. Unfortunately it becomes a “be careful what you wish for” situation!

Eloryn can talk to things, from the frog to the stones and caves, she has an innate ability for communication which means she’s extra talented in magic as well. Most other “wizards” of Avall wouldn’t be able to do what she’s doing in these chapters.

The reason the trolls are hesitant at first to go near the girls is something Memory is carrying. Those who’ve read further will know what this is.

It’s mentioned that Alward has done a lot of research into the Veil and Veil Door spells. We don’t know why yet, but it’s important.

Author’s Thoughts-

I had originally written the story to begin with the scene at Eloryn’s home, then go to the events of Chapter One, and then continue on through the cave in standard chronological order. But this book is meant to be about Memory, so I wanted it to start with her. There’s already a lot of the story revolving around Eloryn.

Favourite Quote/Moment-

“They shouldn’t hurt us. We should be protected by the Pact.”
Shouldn’t doesn’t really do it for me right now. Like monsters shouldn’t be real.”

Let’s Discuss!

What could Eloryn be hiding? And for those who already know, how long did it take to guess who/what she was?

Would you have come up with a better name than “Memory” on the spot?

What’s your favourite quote or moment from this chapter?


  1. 25 September 12, 11:10am

    Heh. I probably would’ve named her Jemima or something. (My writing is FULL of name-placeholders and I agonize over filling in those holes.)

    Must confess that I guessed Eloryn’s identity pretty quickly. But it didn’t spoil the pleasure of reading.

    • Selina
      26 September 12, 9:36am

      I was told once, that when using placeholders, you should pick something really silly and stupid otherwise you are at risk of the placeholder becoming the real name through lack of choosing something else. Some of my upcoming untitled book ideas have names like Project Chicken Thunder, so I know I HAVE to change the title to something better!

  2. Terese
    26 September 12, 6:49am

    Haha, I was going to readalong with you, but then I couldn’t stop reading, and kind of accidentally read everything from chapter 2 to the end today! I’ll come back and read your thoughts on each chapter anyway I think! :)

    It’s a great book with fantastic illustrations.
    Gives me heaps of inspiration!

    • Selina
      26 September 12, 9:31am

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully you’ll still enjoy the readalong, too.

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