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What People are Saying about Memory’s Wake

I feel you have created a milieu that works well for this story and does not come across as derivative.  I like the forests with the fae, the dragon and the human conflict all combined with forbidden magic seen through the eyes of someone from a world we can relate to and who, without her memory, has to explore and find out not only where she is but who and what she is. Great stuff.

—Phillip Spencer

It makes me want to write fanfiction, and that’s about the highest praise I can give.

—Ellen Million

Ellen Million Graphics

Memory's Wake is one of the most exciting first books (well, first to me) that I've read in ages. The punning title is clever and eminently suited to the storyline. It has a good strong plot with plenty of twists and turns that still play fair in retrospect and the characters are well-defined and engaging. Memory herself is a wonderful creation, damaged but shot through with dark humour. In places the tone reminded me of Diana Wynne Jones, but it’s probably more like Melissa Marr. As with both these authors, the moral lines blur and points of view are sometimes not as reliable as some readers expect. The plot is fast moving with no info-dumping and things fall neatly into place. The time-twisting must have needed a strong hand and iron will to control it. Plots as complex as this one often fall apart and unravel all over the place but this one kept me hooked to the end. There are apparently two more books to come. I'm slavering with anticipation. HIGHLY recommended to anyone who likes books by DWJ, Melissa Marr and Donaya Haymond.

—Sally Odgers

Author and Editor

It’s so easy to fall in love with the characters, share their pain and hopes throughout the journey. They jump off the page and come to life before your eyes. I enjoyed watching them grow and bond through the difficult ordeals they face in the journey, each finding themselves while reaching for their individual and combined goals. It's a sort of coming of age story, dark but with many uplifting moments as well. And the illustrations... Just took my breath away. Amazing to see these characters in art, just takes the whole reading experience to another level, I think. Love it.

—Lydia Kurnia


This book kept me reading well into the night as I continually wanted to know what happened next. Selina has put together a wonderful cast of characters in a believable fantasy world with a story that keeps the reader engaged.

—Mumsy Baker

Review on Smashwords

This book had a thoroughly original plot and adorable characters. Selina Fenech also incorporated beautiful pictures to go along with several chapters; these were a wonderful addition to the novel. Definitely a worthwhile read... I'm looking forward to the sequel!


Goodreads Review

Memory’s Wake was such a beautifully written and illustrated novel that I almost have no words to express how much I enjoyed reading this book.  Selina Fenech really captivated me with her fantasy world she created, along with four characters that I connected to so easily. Memory’s Wake is full of adventure, action, family love, lots of magic and a splash of romance to top it off. Full review at


Seeing Night Book Reviews

When Selina Fenech contacted me to review “Memory’s Wake”, I was excited. Not only did the story sound fantastic, but the reviews I read on Goodreads revealed nothing but praise for Selina’s work. But just because a book sounds great, it doesn’t always mean that it actually is. Thankfully, “Memory’s Wake” is just as fantastic as it sounds. Fenech has crafted a truly marvelous piece of work here. From the moment you begin reading, you’ll find yourself drawn into the world of Avall and the beings (wizards, fae, dragons and so forth) that call it home. The story is about Memory, a young girl who finds herself pulled into a foreign land with out any idea as to who she is, where she’s from, how she arrived there - nothing. She’s completely lost and frightened. But Eloryn, who lost her mentor during a spell gone wrong, promises to help Memory get back her life. But it isn’t that simple. Eloryn is on the run for using unauthorized magic and Memory is the key to secrets that others are looking for. With likeable characters, an intriguing plot, and a captivating world, it’s hard not to fall in love with “Memory’s Wake”. If you’re going to check out “Memory’s Wake”, and I hope that you do, I would suggest that you purchase a paperback copy (as I just did) so that you can truly appreciate the fine illustrations that Selina Fenech has provided through out the story

—Nicole at YA Book Haven

YA Book Haven

Fenech keeps us guessing throughout. There is non-stop action and new perils to keep readers hooked. Fenech has a knack for setting up cliffhangers at the end of each chapter to make sure we can’t put down her debut offering. The setting is vibrantly described and the writing flows well; however, it’s the character development that sets Memory’s Wake apart. Memory is a strong yet flawed, believable heroine. Young readers will easily identify with the problems she faces. If the vivid description in this novel is not enough, the author has included dozens of her own skillful illustrations. The story is wrapped up with an ending that won’t disappoint and readers will desire a sequel. Frequent POV changes may distract some readers in the early chapters, but overall, this is an exceptionally entertaining novel that I would highly recommend to tweens, teens, and adults alike.

—Blogger News Network

Full Review at Blogger News network

En conclusión a pesar de ser una historia fantástica, donde aparecen innumerables seres mágicos, no es la típica historia de hadas y duendes sosa y monótona que vemos en todos lados, todo lo contrario.

—Gritorium Dark

Full Review in Spanish

Wow!! This book was amazing, I absolutley loved it and am eagerly awaiting the next installment. This started out with action and ended up with action and so much in between. It was the perfect mix of fantasy, action, adventure, and magic. I had a very hard time putting this book down and keep thinking to myself what a great movie this would make. The bonus is that the author has illustrated the book herself and the art is amazing, bringing the book even more to life. This book was just plain fantastic.

—Mer’s Reviews

Full review at Goodreads

Selina Fenech demonstrates a very high level of talent in her execution of this novel. Memory's Wake is neatly written with none of the awkwardness often found in an authors early works. The story flows nicely to conclusion leaving no loose ends except those that are held back for the next installment. The characters work well, without contradicting themselves (a common flaw in early works) and gradually revealing their secrets through the novels development. It is refreshing to read YA fiction that has not felt the need to sell out to the 'paranormal romance' fad. I look forward to future works by this artist.

—Dr Books

Full review at Amazon

Summary sounds a little like all of the other fantasy books, right? Do not let that fool you. I, too, made that mistake. Memory's Wake is a unique story.

—Literary R&R Reviews

Full Review At Literary R&R Reviews

The reader is immediately thrown into the action and mystery of MEMORY’S WAKE, and author, Selina Fenech slowly parcels out the details of the plot with its twists, maintaining suspense throughout the novel.

—Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader

Full review at Indie Reader

I loved this ebook. The character of Memory is a strong yet sensitive. Her courage and determination are the key in several events through the novel. Eloryn is very sweet and innocent but when she must face dangerous situations she does so with courage and determination. Roen has been through a lot in his life but his love and loyalty even in the most difficult moments is incredible. What can I say about Will? He has a special place in my heart and I hope that in the upcoming novels his role will be one of the most important especially for Memory.


Amazon Review

From the moment I started I wasn't able to put it down till I had finished the book. The journey of Memory and Eloryn keeps you hooked from beginning to end, it's the perfect mix of fantasy, mystery and a touch of romance.

—Louisa Dent

Amazon Review

From page one, the adventure starts and it never slows down from there. The storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat as it twists and turns throughout the whole book. Yet, the world feels as comfortable as if it were made just for me. It's magical but still believable. The characters are refreshingly real. They can be cruel and selfish just as easily as they can be compassionate and caring. They behave just as teens have for centuries, unsure of who they are and where their life is headed. I absolutely love Memory. The struggles she faced in this book resonated deep inside me and the decisions she makes are not always the right ones, but in the end it works out. Eloryn I wasn't as fond of at first, but she grew on me. Roen is incredibly charming and beneath the shame over what his life has become, there lies a very tender heart and a chivalrous manner, rough though it may be. On top of the wonderful storyline are the beautiful illustrations from Selina Fenech. Some are full-page scenes and some are little whimsical doodles at the beginning of a chapter, but both really add to the story. Not to mention they're just fun to look at. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys fantasy and/or teen literature. It's a great addition to any collection!

—Valerie Long

Amazon Review

The story itself was not your typical fantasy, particularly given the fish-out-of-water angle, and Fenech develops some interesting twists in her story that make it fresh and keep it from falling into the “cliché” category. Through her twists, Fenech keeps her characters guessing as to whom they can trust.  This question of where peoples’ loyalties lie makes for an intriguing story as the reader, to some extent, is as much in the dark as Memory, Eloryn, Roen and Will. I enjoy books that are well-written enough to keep me happily guessing. However, many times authors do an excellent job of building the mystery, but fail in the execution of the climax and revelation. When the action finally comes to a head in Memory’s Wake though, Fenech writes a climax worthy of the term.

—Refracted Light Reviews

Full review at Refracted Light Reviews

I just finished Memory's Wake yesterday evening, and I have that almost satisfying ache when I finish reading a satisfying book. I want to read more! The characters have such dimension. I've FB posted they were 'kick-arse' but I really don't think that covers it. They have dimension, flaws, qualities that really draw you in. Sounds cheesy, but I find that so hard to do in a novel of Memory's Wake's size. It's a real skill. The description of Memory's first 'moments' in the first chapter almost made me feel like the bus I was sitting in was edging in on me, they were that good! Selina is a great woman with words. The feelings described cut deep, of course then they are supposed to. I also agree with comments on the plot twists. Wow, it had me going! Particularly towards the end. I think that's why I read it so fast - I wanted to see what happened! A very satisfying read. Beautifully illustrated. I'm very happy to give it 5 stars. The only constructive comment I could give is that I'd like there to be MORE. A sequel please! There's so much more I'd like to know!

—Lauren Phillips

Smashwords Review

The book started a little slow, and the author was unmerciful about the mystery surrounding the characters- only dropping the slightest of hints about Memory's past.  By the fifth chapter, the author had caught her groove and took off with a suspenseful adventure that had many unexpected surprises. I love the way that the characters developed and interacted with each other.  I love that they were not flawless- the characters were whole and delved farther past the superficial.

—Amanda Copulos

Full Review at Short and Sweet Reviews

"Memory's Wake" is the first novel from artist Selina Fenech. I have been a fan of Selina's art for many years, and always admired her ability to suggest a story with her images. You might not know the story, but you know there is a story there: behind the fairy's eyes, in the way the mermaid cradles her newborn, in that glance between the lovers. I am pleased to confirm that Selina wields words as deftly as she does her paintbrush. "Memory's Wake" is a gripping read. It starts off in the middle of a chase, and the action just builds from there. Chapters end in a way that makes it difficult to put the book down, because you need to know what's next. The characters are well-developed, and you care what happens to them. I particularly love the way Selina portrays the fae in the story - not as the playful, innocent, people-helping creatures of the tamer fairy tales, but as the fickle beings of ambiguous intentions as they are known from the oldest legends. While the book is aimed at a young adult audience, it is ageless in its themes and, like the YA offerings from authors such as Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling and China Mieville, it is just as enjoyable a read for adults.

—Mary Layton

Amazon Review

I love Memory. Her strength is just inspiring. The world basically threw rocks at her, yet she always manages to stand up and face them head on. Taking into consideration all of the pressures teens are facing today, I firmly believe that YA books should have heroines like her... This book is a fairytale - a dark one. In Avall, there are things lurking in the dark that might kill you. The world was weaved beautifully, and described in detail. And I just cannot get over the amazing illustrations! I really hope there would be more in the sequel. Really looking forward to the second book!


The Fairytale Nerd Book Reviews

After seeing Selina's beautiful artwork of faeries on her website, I decided to give her novel a try and after reading the first couple of chapters was hooked and left wanting more. Though the images included are beautiful, the writing is quite visual and I was instantly there in the woods with Memory and Eloryn. The story is imaginative and the twists are beautifully done. Would absolutely buy Selina's next novel.


Amazon UK Review




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