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“Her strangely trimmed hair, short, ragged and roughed up at the back and long at the front, was rich black and… pink? Could hair be pink? She cast her gaze over the girl’s face and its odd metal pins and gems, pierced through nose, lips, eyebrows, sparkling against obvious bruising. The injuries weren’t from their recent chase. The yellow swelling of the girl’s jaw and purple around her eye had matured a good few hours.”

Our title girl, there’s not a lot we know about Memory, or that she knows about herself. No phone, no wallet, nothing but a dangerous looking knife in her pocket and a collection of nasty bruises to her name (not that it IS her name, she is dubbed “Memory” by the first person she meets). We do know that she sticks out like an ugly duckling in her jeans and punk hair-do, in a world where magic, fairies, castles and wizards are common place. She’s thrown into a a life on the run when she wakes up amidst a magical maelstrom and meets…



“Beside her, another girl crouched on the ground. Plump but strikingly pretty, with skin and hair so pale it was almost white against the shadowed woods. The long hair tumbled all around the stranger, making her look like a beautiful, scared ghost.”

Eloryn has a way with words. She can speak to almost anything, casting powerful, magic “behests”. Unfortunately, most magic is now outlawed in the land of Avall, and the Wizard Hunters are on her trail, having already caught her guardian and mentor. There’s another reason she’s being hunted, but she’s keeping that secret close. She promises to help Memory find her way home when Memory is drawn into the chase.



“She hated how handsome she found him, how she just wanted to touch that soft caramel hair, and how when he smiled, she couldn’t help but like him. It made it hard to say no to him, and left her wondering if she’d made the choice to go with him for the right reasons. Why was everyone she’d met so far so damn pretty!.”

A charming and clever son of nobles forced into hiding and poverty, Roen makes a living any way he can.



“It’s weird. He’s all Tarzan and stuff, like some sort of guardian-angel-cross-savage.”

A strange, savage young man is shadowing Memory. He seems to know her, but she has no memory of him, and can’t understand how this animal man, who spends more time with the fae than with humans, could be connected to her.

Memory's Wake Fantasy Map of AvallAvall

The land in which the story is set, Avall is a set of islands with temperate climate and mix of european style flora and fauna, plus a range of fae creatures.

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  1. Pixie
    15 May 11, 8:57am

    Ooh, what a tease. No name and no picture of the savage man. Can’t wait to find out what he looks like. Bet he’s gorgeous. XD

  2. Pixie
    15 May 11, 1:19pm

    I was right, he’s gorgeous! You certainly know how to draw some attractive menfolk.

  3. Carla
    15 May 11, 5:26pm

    Ohh wow your art really helps make the characters seem more real & the story come alive! Eeeeeeee I’m excited!

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